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Industrial 15 to 5000lb. Postage & Shipping Scales

"35-lb-Postal- Scale-out of stock"
If you often find yourself having to mail small to medium packages, you appreciate the need for an accurate weight measur...
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"200- lb.Shipping Scale"
Buy this 200-pound scale for your home mailing operation. Get exact weight and save time at the shipping office. Made wit...
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5000 lb. Floor Scale OUT OF STOCK
If you need a sturdy weighing scale for accurate shipping weights, look no further than this sturdy 5,000 Pound Floor Sca...
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When mailing overweight flats or packages, guesswork in weight and pricing should be a thing of the past. It is extremely inefficient, costing your operation more money, more time, or more bad will among your recipients, be they prospect or customer. You can solve this problem at low cost with these practical scales that get the job done quickly and easily. This assortment of MailQuick scales starts with a simple postal scale, 15 Pound Postal Scale, more than ample for mailing flyers, coupon books, small items, swag, loss leaders and the like. You’ll find its companion scale, the 35 Pound Postal Scale convenient for small to medium packages. Since we offer scales for small and large operations alike, our selection goes up to the industrial grade 5000 Pound Floor Scale, a 4’ x 4’ scale made of all structural steel weighing pallet-sized loads of over two tons and capable of taking abuse. Each of the scales in our selection offers features that make it versatile for whatever needs should arise. Our 5000-pound Floor Scale can be relocated, mounted above or below ground, and can be leveled by using lugs rather than shims. The 15 and 35-pound scales have fold-up sides that allow oversized packages to set on them easily. The digital display on our stainless steel 150-pound scale, connects to the scale by a stretchable phone coil chord that allows you to read the display around large, bulky packages. Digital displays are clear and simple, and the larger scales include built-in clocks. If your mail system is free of Internet dependence and costly software subscriptions, these simple and accurate digital scales are the best way to ensure that your bulk mailing operation is built around accuracy and cost efficiency. And you will find our prices among the best. That’s because you aren’t paying for additional (usually confusing) digital data and gimmicks that you don’t need. So you can save your budget for the quality of the mail you send. Order the smaller scales with your other mailing supplies, or order one of the two larger scales today, and take advantage of our free shipping.

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