Ink Cartridges for Francotyp-Postalia Meters

2,000 Impressions per cartridge!
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Francotyp Postalia T 1000 Ink Cartridges (Pack of 3)
When your Francotyp-Postalia is processing mail at 25 letters per minute, don’t let it run out of ink. We offer thi...
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Optimail Ink  (Pack of Three ) Compatible
If you rely on your dependable Francotyp-Postalia Optimail mail processor for a steady stream of mailing needs, you know ...
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Francotyp Postalia Optimail 30 Thermal Cartridge (3 Pack) Quality Ribbon OEM
We carry the thermal ink for the Francotyp-Postalia - Optimail 30 mail processor. The inking system takes a ribbon casset...
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FP OEM Postbase Ink
Mailing Systems - PostBase 20, 30, 45, 65, 85 These red ink cartridges for the Francotyp-Postalia PostBase mail meterin...
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Ult Mail  Inkjet Cartridges (pack of 2) Compatible
With this Compatible FP UltiMail Ink Jet Cartridge, you get brand-name quality and compatibility at low, cost-saving pric...
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We carry convenient, low-cost replacement cartridges for the world-renowned German-made Francotyp-Postalia mail processing systems. This company recognizes the need for quick and easy processing, which is why these cartridges are simple to replace and let you squeeze plenty of imprints out of each cartridge. One of the advantages of Francotyp-Postalia Optimail 30 and similar FP products is that the company made sure the refillable components were low-cost as well as high-yield whenever possible. We carry on the FP tradition with our many refill cartridges. For example, our ribbon cassettes for FP’s T 1,000, OptiMail, and OptiMail 30 thermal labeling system come in 3-packs, so you get optimum savings in a one-time purchase. Each cartridge in the 3-pack comfortably yields over 1000 pieces of mail, for a total of 3,000 imprints per pack. For small operations using the MyMail system, our cartridge will produce clear, reliable labels for over 2,000 imprints. If you have a larger operation, you may be using something like FP’s UltiMail Postage Meter. In addition to dial-up postal pricing, letter-sealing, and other time-saving system add-ons, you are probably processing 100 pieces of mail or more per minute. Ultimail owners count on their ink-jet technology twin cartridges to keep their mail flowing for thousands of pieces of mail before replacement. When it’s time to replace these cartridges, look to MailQuick for our low-cost twin cartridges. They feature the same easy snap-in casings you’ve come to expect from your FP UltiMail system. We also carry the cartridge system for the colorful and expandable FP PostBase Systems. Compatible with PostBase 30, 45 and 65 our cartridge systems will continue to give clear print labeling for over 4,000 impressions in your PostBase system. If you have a Francotyp-Postalia processing system, continue the tradition of easy long-lasting replacement parts by purchasing MailQuick replacements, and saving in cost and convenience.

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