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Martin Yale and MBM Letter Folders


No matter what type of personal, small shop or industry mailing needs you’re shopping for, MailQuick has a letter folder that does exactly what you want it to. Look over our wide-ranging Martin Yale and MBM letter folders. Martin Yale letter folders start at reasonable prices with hand fed machines that can fold up to 30 letters a minute. These lightweight folders can handle three stapled sheets and generally either legal or letter sized paper for projects that have consistent needs. As you progress toward the higher end machines you gain automatic feed, faster processing power, multiple fold style options (often including the European 4 fold), features aimed at preventing jams, variability in selections and the ability to process paper with increased bond weight. In addition to added warranties and features, such as shut-off switches, the top-end machines will weigh in at over 100 pounds. These are all things to consider as you choose the right machine for your workspace. At 102 pounds, the high end Martin-Yale 2051 can fold five pre-programmed paper sizes, can process up to 15,000 sheets per hour and has a diagnostic mode for troubleshooting as you go. According to Martin Yale, their recent products are superb, combining input from customers to create easier maintenance, high-quality materials, and more counterbalancing to better prevent jamming. Our MBM folding machines start with automatic feed, and end with sensors that can adjust the machine automatically. Some of their extras include static prevention and If you’re interested in comparison shopping, compare the Martin Yale 1611 with MBM’s Simplimatic Manual Tabletop Folder to see the slightly different emphasis of each manufacturer. Whatever folder suits your needs, it is going to qualify for our special free shipping, so order from us now. Within a matter of days, you’ll begin to enjoy the time savings in all your mailing projects.