Ink Cartridges for Mail Processing Systems


MailQuick carries replacement ink cartridges for all variety of mail metering stations, recent models of Pitney Bowes, Francotyp-Postalia, Hasler, Neopost and more. While yields will vary depending on how you use your machine, our cartridges often outshine the original equipment for number of pieces per cartridge. Sometimes your needs align with the type of usage that will give you maximum yield; other times there’s a trade-off. For example, the optimum usage pattern is to use the printer continuously. This is because at start-up on many models, the printing unit is going through a head cleaning cycle that involves using a lot of ink. That’s ink that’s not available for mail printing. So if your machine is used sporadically for the occasional small job, the cartridge may produce fewer impressions. However, in months, the cartridge will last longer, giving you more time before the next replacement. If you keep these usage patterns in mind, you will be more than satisfied with your replacement cartridges. We carry both the generic replacements and those made by original vendor. For example, we carry both the generic and original brand cartridge for the Pitney Bowes 797-0, at considerable price differential. The original design with the strictly flat surface along the bottom allows for a more perfect seal, one surface pressing another. The generic reproduction has a protruding ink spout that ensures line-up, minimizing the possibility of leakage on installation. All cartridges are easy to install in their respective machines. We carry the cartridges for the Pitney Bowes DM series, DM300, DM400, DM450; the full range of Neopost IJ and IS series, FP OptiMail and PostBase systems, and more. Our ink cartridges deliver dependably, whether it’s the simple 400-800 impressions of the Pitney Bow K-700 Mailstation. Up to or for 45,000 impressions of the Pitney-Bowes-787-1. Buy dependability and longevity with our complete line-up of ink cartridges.

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