Pitney Bowes 766-8 Compatible Ink Cartridge - DM800 Series Mail Processor Made in the U.S.A.

Ships Same Day-Made in U.S.A.! Pitney Bowes 766-8 Ink Cartridge, is the cartridge formerly known as 767-8. It’s the right one for you if you own a Pitney Bowes mail metering processor in this series: DM800, DM800i, DM900, DM1000. Series Postage Meters. You may also have noticed that this cartridge looks a lot like the 762-1 cartridge made for the DM500 series. It’s not. And the difference is about 30,000 imprints per cartridge. This Pitney Bowes cartridge is rated at up to 42,100 USPS-friendly, extra readable mail pieces per cartridge. Order it here and know your home metering is set for a good long time.

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