Pitney Bowes Ink Cartridges, Cassettes & Tanks

Personal Post Ink Cartridges  (ea) (fits E700,E707)
Shaped like a pitched-roof house, this Pitney Bowes 769-0 Ink Cartridge will fit the small Pitney Bowes mail metering mac...
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Pitney Bowes 797-0
If your Pitney Bowes K700 Mailstation has run out of ink (again), we carry this single Pitney Bowes replacement cartridge...
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Pitney Bowes 797-M
This Pitney Bowes 797-M cartridge slips in easily and has the USPS- quality red-ink cartridge you need for worry-free mai...
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Pitney Bowes 793-5
Is your “low ink” warning up? Sad to say, on all DM100i series (DM125, DM200L, DM225) mail metering machines,...
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Pitney Bowes 765-3
Your Pitney Bowes mailing machine DM200i, DM300i, DM300L, DM400L or DM400i comes with a space-saving ink cartridge as com...
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Pitney Bowes 765-9
Compact, easily installed ink-jet technology provides fluorescent red ink meeting all USPS guidelines for your Pitney Bow...
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Pitney Bowes Red Ink 621-1
The standard replacement part for the Pitney Bowes DM500 and DM550, this Pitney Bowes Red Ink 621-1 cartridge fits neatly...
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Pitney Bowes 766-8
Pitney Bowes 766-8 Ink Cartridge, is the cartridge formerly known as 767-8. It’s the right one for you if you own a...
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Pitney Bowes 767-1
Congratulations if you still own your Pitney Bowes PostPerfect mail metering machine. It’s simple; it works. It was...
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Pitney Bowes 787-1- Compatible
The Pitney Bowes 787-1 is designed for a quick, perfect fit in the Bowes Connect+ series, Connect+ 1000, 2000, and 3000. ...
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DM Infinity Ink Black 772-1
We offer this single black-ink cartridge for the Pitney Bowes Black Infinity Series mail processing machines such as DM16...
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No business can afford shut downs, and if you’re a business that relies on mailing, that means keeping your mail process running smoothly with plenty of supplies on hand. No matter what size you are, if you own a Pitney Bowes mail processor, we probably have the ink cartridge that will keep your mail process up and running. Maker of the popular Mailstation 2, Pitney Bowes bring us an everyman line of machines that considers the home-based individual, the small business, and the large multi-user mail marketing organization. And in supplying you with Pitney-Bowes compatible replacement ink cartridges, we make sure to carry user-friendly, USPS-approved Pitney-Bowes supplies. Take advantage of our optimum pricing on Pitney-Bowes 766-8 cartridges for the large scale digitally managed production machines, for example Pitney-Bowes DM800 and DM800i. With a one-pack, a three-pack, a 5-pack, all tailored to your budget, we keep in mind the many large scale operations that work round the clock. This exceptional ink cartridge gets over 40,000 imprints because we know that a productive process is one that’s running. Also, there’s no need to be penalized with a pricey replacement ribbon for keeping your PostPerfect B700 postage Meter well maintained. Our prices on the 767-1, the red-ink replacement cassette for the B700, save you money and get you back in business all at the same time. Supply your mail operation with our complete, competitively priced Pitney Bowes replacement ink cartridges, starting with the simple, low-volume Personal Post (E700, E707) and going to machines with ultimate speed, volume, and programmability. Browse through our selection of Cartridges and you’ll find that all our cartridges deliver optimal ink supply at reasonable prices. Then place your order and stock up.

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